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Upload instructions

  • The final result of your logo will be as good as the image you submit.
  • Your egoLogo will be produced exactly as your submitted logo, without adaption, changes or adjustments.
  • If 35x35 mm board space allow to do, your logo will be duplicated maximum 3 times.
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  • If you need HELP or are not sure, please read
    Artwork advice

    What is BASIC design ORDER

    What is COMPLEX design ORDER

Please note

  • The minimum size the egoLogo system can display is 0.2 mm elements only.
  • Graphic elements, characters or lines smaller than 0.2 mm will not have optimal appearance.
  • Openings in characters and other elements smaller than 0.2 mm in square size may appear to be closed.
  • Before uploading, test your logo in its original order size in high resolution print.

Upload requirements

  • The logo must be on a WHITE BACKGROUND
  • The artwork of the logo must be 100% BLACK
  • No colors or gray tone are acceptable
  • Max. upload size is 1000 x 1000 pixel (optimal)
  • You can upload your file as any of these file types: .jpg, jpeg, png files

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